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Story Time

For under 6s

2:15pm at the Library

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Library garden

There’s a secret outside space in Hampton Wick that’s open to anyone who chooses to find it…

Entering the Library Garden

Somewhere for the kids to play outside while you read the paper or dive into a book, the Library garden is a small, completely enclosed space right in the centre of the Wick.

Library garden 2

Somewhere to step into for a few minutes’ peace with books, magazines and newspapers galore and the High Street only moments away if you want to get a coffee …

Library Garden 1

But as you can see from these photos, the Library garden could do with some TLC and maybe some outdoor toys for the children and some more plants and tubs and some people to lend a half hour here or there to look after them. Please get in touch if you can help: info@friendshwlibrary.org.uk

If you have any comments about the information on this page or any other part the website, please email info@friendshwlibrary.org.uk.

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Reading Group

All welcome

5pm on the last Wednesday of the month

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Family History

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