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Links you might find useful

Please find a variety of links below. If there’s one missing you’d like to let us know about why not send us an email and we’ll do our best to add it for you. Please note we will only link to local/relevant not-for-profit websites.

Hampton Wick Library at Lbrut

This takes you to the page on the LBRuT website detailing information and services about Hampton WIck Library.

Hampton Wick Association

The official Hampton Wick Association website.

Hampton Wick Remembers

An amazing resource researched and developed by Alison Merrington who has traced the stories of those recorded on the Hampton Wick War Memorial and other local people involved in WWI.

Voices for the Library

Voices for the Library aims to provide the facts about the public library service in the UK, the role of professional librarians and provide a space for library users to share their stories about the difference public libraries have made to their lives.

If you have any comments about the information on this page or any other part the website, please email info@friendshwlibrary.org.uk.

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